Rediscovering Egypt: The Collection of the Dahesh Museum of Art

Loan Exhibition

Rediscovering Egypt:The Collection of the Dahesh Museum of Art

Through May 18, 2014
Baker Museum of Art, Artis-Naples,
Naples, Florida

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Artwork of the Month

Henri-Pierre Picou,
(French, 1824-1895)
Innocence Seduced by Love,

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Salon Thursdays 2014: Thursday, May 1
Have Caryatids, Will Travel: Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Architecture in Motion

When an unknown ancient craftsman first decided to substitute a sculpted female body for a load-bearing column, a curiously contradictory element entered the architectural vocabulary: a “caryatid” is a fixed, structural member who, by virtue of her human form and gesture, suggests a capacity for movement.

Such figures appeared only rarely during antiquity, yet the nineteenth century witnessed a surge in the caryatid’s popularity, with female architectural supports popping-up across European cities from London to Berlin. By following a sequence of these ‘modern’ caryatids – copied, modified, multiplied and re-deployed in the projects of Karl Friedrich Schinkel – Steven Lauritano considers how and why this particular motif contributed to the Prussian architect’s conception of historicist design. Click to learn more

Museum Without Walls

We are enjoying our offices and our elegant Museum Gift Shop in the bustling lower Manhattan neighborhood of Hudson Square. This Website extends our mission of education in 19th-century academic art, informing our friends of exhibitions organized by the Museum and other collaborations, and will offer online exhibitions and resources that can expand the discussion about this period of art history. Click to learn more