Reed Sellers on the Nile

Current Loan:

Eugène Alexis Girardet
(French, 1853–1907)
Reed Sellers on the Nile

IDEA InterDisciplinary Arts at Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

Re-Orientations: Defining and Defying Images of the Arab World
March 25 – May 8, 2015

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Artwork of the Month

Niels Holsøe
(Danish, 1865–1928)
A Room Interior with a Chinese Vase, ca. 1919

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The Dahesh Museum of Art Gift Shop is Temporarily Closed for Repairs

The extreme cold weather broke a waterline at the Dahesh Museum of Art Gift Shop, and we must temporarily close for necessary repairs. Please check our Website and Facebook page for our reopening date.


As the Gift Shop repairs damage caused by a frozen waterline, our Sherlock Holmes films each Wednesday will go on temporary hiatus until further notice. We will resume where we left off, so we can continue to watch the progression of Sherlock Holmes from decade to decade.

Watch for our restart of the series when we screen The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother in the weeks ahead.

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