Women Artists Who Dared I: Rosa Bonheur (French, 1822–1899) and Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau (American, 1837–1922)

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A Tangerian Beauty

Current Exhibition

José Tapiró Y Baró
Spanish, 1836–1913

A Tangerian Beauty
Cornell Fine Arts Museum
Winter Park, Florida

The Black Figure in the European Imaginary
January 14 - May 14, 2017

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Salon Thursdays: May 4th 2017

Briton Riviere’s Aphrodite and the Animal Gaze After Darwin

This talk explores the camera as it moves between the animal and human worlds, beginning with the most immediate visual manifestation of this mobility: the zoo enclosure. Cameras possess the unique ability to move around and inside the enclosure’s confining bars, capturing the circumstances of the zoo, and on the animals and their captivity. How, then, does Briton Riviere’s Aphrodite (Dahesh Museum of Art, 1902) accommodate this visual genre? On the surface, the painting is a straightforward mythological representation of the goddess Aphrodite and her animal admirers. But Riviere’s lively work, with its implausible combination of species and behaviors, points to a deeper dialogue with the zoo and its imposing spectacle.

Ariel Kline is an MA Candidate in the History of Art at Williams College and the Clark Art Institute.

The lecture is free and begins at 6.30 pm at the Dahesh Museum of Art Gift Shop located at 145 Sixth Avenue, on the corner of Dominick Street, one block south of Spring Street.

Dahesh Museum Gift Shop

The three issues of the Dahesh Museum’s In Focus series: Academic Art from the Dahesh Museum Collection, The Art of Drawing from the Dahesh Museum of Art, and, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water: Sculpture from the Dahesh Museum of Art Collection are now available at the Gift Shop. In addition, the shop has an appealing variety of items, including home accessories, jewelry, clothing, Turkish rugs, and embroidered tapestries.

The Gift Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Click to learn more

A New Home Coming Soon

We look forward to welcoming you in our new home at 178 East 64th Street in 2017. H3, the architecture New York-based firm of Hugh Hardy that was responsible for transforming our space at 580 Madison, will design the project. Hugh Hardy and his team aim to adapt this elegant 1899 townhouse into a public museum, providing easy access, intimate exhibition and program space, appropriate lighting, and a safe and controlled environment, while preserving the distinctive character and intimate scale of the building. Further updates will be posted on our website. Click to learn more